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We are working towards a sustainable future.

Drinking water

Being on a rural property means we don’t have access to a public drinking water supply so the only drinking and bathing water available for the entire property is the beautiful, fresh falls from the sky.  Once we’ve caught and stored the rainwater we need to pressurise it and distribute it to all the guesthouses… and that takes power.

Electrical power

Being on a rural property “the grid” is old, dirty generation stuff and reliability is not great.  And, given we power all our guesthouses, the main residence and the bore and irrigation pumps with electricity we consume quite a lot of power.  So, to both offset and stabilise, we added two state of the art solar generation and intelligent Eguana storage systems.  We generate, and store for release during the night, almost 93% of our electrical power needs ..and we’re working with the power network to add even more!

Waste Management

We have four On Site Wastewater Management systems on the property.  As there is no community waste sewage system to hook up to in Blewitt Springs we have several septic treatment systems across the property to treat waste.  So, we are very careful what goes into out soil (which grows our premium grapes) and our water table (which waters our premium grapes)  For example, we only use the most environmentally sensitive, biodegradable chemicals in our laundry… and they’re locally made here in South Australia

So, we catch all the natural rainwater, generate our own power and handle our on wastewater …all on site, leaving as small a footprint as possible on our land.

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